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For today’s blog article, we are making a leap across the pond to our colleagues in the USA. As already mentioned in our article about our activity on social media, we are now able to give you an initial insight into our “Wüsthof defining the Edge” campaign in the USA.

The line “as sharp as a WÜSTHOF” has become part of everyday speech for many Americans. This is first and foremost down to the long and successful work of Wolfgang Wüsthof. As far back as 1962, he travelled with his suitcase of samples to North America and was able to convince many retailers of the quality of his knives. Exactly 25 years later, in 1987, our subsidiary WUSTHOF-TRIDENT OF AMERICA, INC. (WTA for short) was established in New York. This turned WÜSTHOF into a global business.
The American market constantly expanded and our efforts to improve our brand awareness turned out to be successful: The USA is currently our leading export country.

Recently, thanks to the new “Wüsthof defining the Edge” campaign, the brand awareness and overall popularity of our knives and brand have risen still further.

The campaign developed by WTA alongside the American agency, AgencySacks, is running across various media: With print ads in selected magazines, event marketing, social media, a microsite (http://www.wusthofedge.com/) and web videos, it is reaching our target audience of keen cooks.
To celebrate our 200th anniversary, a huge poster featuring the three latest The Edge chefs has been on display this year in Times Square in New York!

New York Times Square with New York Times Square with “The-Edge” Poster.

“Wüsthof defining the Edge” stands for the next generation of chefs – culinary pioneers with a distinctive vision and unwavering passion for creating inspiring new dishes. They are exploring boundaries and we support them and all of our customers with our top-quality, ultra-sharp knives.

The number of “The Edge” chefs has since grown to 9 – and we shall be devoting an article to each and every one of them over the next few months:

The Rebel – Richie Nakano.
The Believer – Jonathon Sawyer.
The Poet – Camas Davis.
The Spark – Amanda Cohen.
The Maestro – Marc Vetri.
The Outlaw – Katherine Clapner.
The Natural – Sam Gorenstein.
The Maverick – Ann Kim.
The Artisan – Clayton Chapman.

So you can already start looking forward to getting to know them!

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