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Do you use online city guides and mobile referral services like yelp or foursquare?
Both are mobile services, which have been used more and more in recent years to obtain information about shops, restaurants and sights and to benefit from recommendations by the community.

And what does that have to do with WÜSTHOF? Quite simply:
Many of our specialist dealers in different cities and our factory outlet in Solingen can already be found here.

So the next time you want to buy a new knife – just search for the nearest specialist dealer using these services. (You can of course also use the Retailer Search on our website.)

And to inspire you to explore our lovely home town of Solingen, we are providing the following check-in offer for our factory sale on both services before 1st October:

WÜSTHOF Check-In Offer: 1 free Silverpoint paring knife

Have fun exploring!

On yelp you can find us here:

This is where to find us on foursquare:

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