WÜSTHOF and advertising – Part 1.

The development of our company logo

As part of our anniversary celebrations last year, we published a series of articles in our blog about the history of the company and of the Wüsthof family. Today, we are going to take a look at the history of our emblem, the “Trident”.

The frist emblem
In the first years of its existence, WÜSTHOF used two crossed arrows as its emblem.
The first Trident
Our now world-famous “Trident” (“Dreizack”) was registered for the first time as a trademark under number 6258 at the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin back on 9 May 1895, under the management of the fourth generation of the family. That was 120 years ago now!
The black-and-white Trident
In 1951, the logo was redesigned for the first time: the word “Fabrikzeichen” (“trademark”) was removed and the formerly grey trident became white against a black background, surrounded by a white circle.
White Trident against a red background
In 1967, colour was added: the white trident now stood against a red background within a white circle and the words “Dreizack Solingen” (“Trident Solingen”) were added. With this logo and under the leadership of Wolfgang Wüsthof, our company grew over the next thirty years, becoming a world-famous brand. The red “Trident” from Solingen featuring on every knife became famous worldwide.

So the focus was on this “Dreizack” rather than on the WÜSTHOF name. “Dreizack” translates into Trident, Tridente, sānchājǐ … what a confusing collection of names! Within the context of globalisation, this was increasingly causing problems. And so the decision was made in 1998 to focus more on the name of the founding family, “WÜSTHOF”, which is still running the business today. The advertising agency Schulenberg & Werbung was appointed to redesign the logo, whilst still maintaining the spirit of the old logo.
The WÜSTHOF Logo by Schulenberg & Werbung
As a symbol of passion, diligence and perfection, the white trident on a red background within a white circle was preserved. The subline “Dreizack Solingen” was however replaced by the company name “WÜSTHOF” – in black with a subtle grey shadow and bigger and more legible than the two lines of the previous logo. This meant that WÜSTHOF was now recognisable with a standardised logo worldwide.
The WÜSTHOF Logo with three-dimensional effect
In 2006, our logo was revised to its current version – the formerly plain red surface and white trident were given a three-dimensional effect with the addition of light and shadow. Whist the positioning of the WÜSTHOF lettering varied over the next few years, a rule was established in 2014 stipulating that the lettering should always appear to the right of the logo.
The current WÜSTHOF Logo
So that’s the story of our company logo and its significance.
Over the next few months, we shall be presenting all the WÜSTHOF advertising campaigns over the decades in the Facebook timeline of our headquarter in Solingen, Germany.

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