Training at WÜSTHOF

Completing your training at WÜSTHOF will open many doors for you,
whether to vocational training, studies or your own business. Our training offers an ideal start for the future. Our trainees are given responsibility, and are supported and challenged. In our company, it is not just our knives that have the edge on the competition.

At our headquarter in Solingen we offer training for:
Visual merchandiser
Industrial manager
Industrial mechanic
Electronics engineer
IT specialist
Warehouse operator

Over the coming months, we will present the various training courses here in our blog, and we’ll also give our trainees the chance to describe them in their own words.

We’ll take the opportunity to begin today with our industrial manager training course:
Answering customer queries by email or phone, handling deliveries from suppliers, issuing salary payments, calculating prices and drawing up price lists, conducting sales negotiations, developing marketing strategies for different products and implementing them with our advertising agency, ordering production materials, organising the sales and dispatch of our goods, and supporting our HR department – all this and more awaits our trainees in this area.
The job requires good organisational skills.
A solid grounding in mathematics, a fundamental understanding of commercial relations and a great willingness to learn, commitment, motivation and an ability to adapt quickly to new situations, together with friendliness and an enjoyment of teamwork, are also important foundations. After their training, industrial managers can operate in practically all business areas as executives. In addition, this training provides a good basis from which to carry on and train further – as specialised businessman or -woman (office or HR management), accountant, controller or business administration graduate (in general business administration).

And when, at the end of a training course, we receive feedback such as the following letter, it is confirmation that we have clearly done a lot right. :-)

“Dear Mrs Wüsthof,
Now that I have successfully completed my training with you, I have written a short piece for the Homepage of our blog. What do you think of the idea that trainees could always post a short feedback text on the blog after completing their training?”

My name is Sascha Kaymer, I am 22 years old and I successfully completed my training as an industrial manager at the Ed. Wüsthof Dreizackwerk KG in Solingen in July of this year.
During my three-year training at WÜSTHOF, I’ve met lots of new, interesting people, and have enjoyed myself working and learning new things with them. Every department was different, and that was very motivating. As a trainee, I always felt good about myself as I was treated like an employee. There was a lot of feedback and support. Having matured through the contact with so many different adults and with my newly acquired knowledge, I now feel ready to go out into the working world.
As a result, I can wholeheartedly recommend the training offered by WÜSTHOF to anyone interested in commercial training.


As you can see, Sascha, we thought your idea was a great one! Thank you very much for your feedback, and we wish you every success with your continued professional life.

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