Training at WÜSTHOF: Visual Merchandiser

A couple of weeks ago, we launched our “Training at WÜSTHOF” page. This is where we introduce our training courses and let our trainees have their own say.

This second article is all about the trainee position Visual Merchandiser:
How to plan and construct exhibition stands and window displays, design product and merchandise presentations, organise promotional campaigns, procure presentation equipment and materials, carry out calculations and results testing and deliver visual design concepts using graphics, layout and image editing software – our trainees in this field learn how to do all of this and much more besides.
A talent for craftsmanship and creativity are both essential for this position. Other important basic skills include good spatial perception and business sense, the ability to convince others, no fear of heights and good physical fitness, a great willingness to learn, commitment, motivation and an ability to adapt quickly to new situations, together with friendliness and an enjoyment of teamwork.

The training course provides a good basis for further training options for the following positions: Visual Merchandising specialist, Advertising manager, Design technician or Media manager. Many people also use this training course as a launch pad for studies in graphic design, communications design, visual communications or visual marketing.

Enough of the theory, let’s move on to what it’s like in practice! This is where we hand over to our trainee, Simone Bickenbach:

Hi, my name is Simone Bickenbach and I’m 22 years old. I’ve just completed my first year on the Visual Merchandiser training course at WÜSTHOF. I have already experienced a lot this year.
On the Visual Merchandiser training course, the main part of what you learn is how to present the company’s merchandise in such a way as to promote sales. At WÜSTHOF, these things are developed in our display department. Sales aids such as showcases and displays are made in collaboration with our in-house cabinet maker. The same applies to the preparation and planning of window displays. Depending on the size and location of the shops to be fitted out, our customers receive an elaborate window display, which is set up by an assistant and myself on site.

I have travelled around an unbelievable amount in the first year of my training. So it’s important to be flexible. Exhibitions in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands were great places to go to. Some interesting places closer to home included the NATO Air Base in Geilenkirchen. On these kind of assignments in particular, I constantly needed to use my English.

Window display by Simone Bickenbach at the Clemensgalerien shopping centre.Window display by Simone Bickenbach at the Clemensgalerien shopping centre.

If you demonstrate your ability and manage to impress your superiors, you are given a large amount of responsibility and your own projects to handle. That’s how I was allowed to dress my own window display in the Clemensgalerien shopping centre in Solingen. If you have any questions or need some support, you can always get help, just like for any of the other tasks you may carry out in the workshop.
It’s never boring in my department, provided that you have a certain affinity with artisans and creative design. You will be demonstrating your craftsmanship on a daily basis.
Every day is different!

In my opinion, there is a huge difference between WÜSTHOF and the other companies offering training schemes! WÜSTHOF has its own unique way of supervising its trainees (particularly in my department). You really feel like you’re part of the team. Since it’s a family company and you have direct contact with the managers, you can propose and implement your own ideas. WÜSTHOF as a company is always open to innovative ideas. As well as the unique family atmosphere in the company, the pay scheme for trainees and the 35 hour week with 30 days’ holiday a year and company holidays are also worth noting.

I am very, very happy to be able to complete my training at WÜSTHOF.
My colleagues and the staff are brilliant and the opportunities are unique.
Best wishes :)
Simone Bickenbach

Many thanks for your contribution, Simone, we wish you every success and enjoyment for the rest of your training!

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