Sponsorship requests to WÜSTHOF

Hello, I’m sure you receive thousands of requests like this one but I’d like to give it a try all the same…
I’m looking for prizes for an event in our area / a competition on Facebook / a prize-winning contest on my blog. It would be great if you could make a contribution.
Many thanks in advance and best wishes,
Steven Sample*

(*Name changed by editorial staff.)

It’s true that we get more and more requests like this one – especially since we have become more involved in social networks.
Of course we are delighted that you thought of us and our products when you were looking for sponsors.
The following information is, however, important to us and will help us make our decision:

What kind of event / campaign is it?
When and where will it be taking place?
How many guests / participants are you anticipating?
Who is organising the whole thing?
Will there be any media reports on it afterwards?

If you clarify/answer these questions in your initial request, you will make it easier for us to decide how and if we can offer our support.

The same goes for requests from product testers – here we have an internal rule as to the special deals negotiated for bloggers who want to cook with WÜSTHOF products and write about them. In this case as well, however, requests should at least provide short answers to the following questions:

Who is writing the product test?
Where will the product test be published?
How many readers visit this website each month?
Is there a supporting fan page on Facebook?
Is the blogger active on Google+, Twitter or YouTube?

We are already very excited about how many future requests will come from people who have taken heed of this blog article. If you are one of them – write to tell us about it. We look forward to hearing from you.

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