A special anniversary collector’s piece: Our Damascus cook’s knife

Anyone who is just that little bit more interested in high-quality and expensive knives will soon come across the words “Damascus steel” and pictures of knives with a special, organic looking pattern on the surface of the blade.

This unique grain is a result of forging the different layers and it gives each knife its individual touch. The individual layers of steel are folded in an elaborate production process and forged to make a single piece. The two halves are folded to double the number of layers and then stretched out before being folded again.

In the world of literature, there are many fantasy stories featuring swords described in minute detail – legendary swords such as Aragorn’s Andúril, King Arthur’s Excalibur, Eddard Stark’s Ice – you know what we’re talking about.

In the same way, there are some knives that will simply make the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts beat faster; masterpieces that will have people raving about them at first sight.

a detail of the WÜSTHOF Damascus cook's knifeA detail of the WÜSTHOF Damascus cook’s knife.

To mark our 200th anniversary, we wanted to produce one such cook’s knife! Made according to ancient traditions from German Damascus steel. The forging process begins with three layers of steel, which are then folded seven times to make 384 layers. The result is an exclusive knife, in which the characteristic grain is visible from the tip of the blade right down to the double bolster.

Yet it is not just about the 20 centimetre long blade, the handle of this knife also deserves a closer look: Made from fine-quality, dark ebony, it adds another special touch to this exceptional knife. The eye is also drawn to the classic three rivets on the handle, which give the knife a traditional, high-quality look. The precision of the handle; the seamless transition from the handle to the blade; the balanced handle fitting perfectly in the hand – all of these details together show the excellent workmanship we have used to achieve perfection when making this knife …

… available as a limited edition in only 200 copies.

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