Seven generations – one company / Chapter 7.

The seventh generation

Throughout the year, in this section we are going to present you with an overview of the previous seven generations of the Wüsthof family who have worked for the company. Today, we have reached the last chapter of our story for the time being. We have arrived at the current and seventh generation.

Harald, Eduard Robert’s son, joined the company in 1994 and was appointed a partner with unlimited liability alongside his Uncle Wolfgang in 1997. During his first years at the company, he focused on automation.
Growth was so rapid that the new factory, which was located at the old site, was soon bursting at the seams. A suitable factory as well as extensive land for further construction was found in an industrial area of Solingen called Lindgesfeld.

This was to become the second plant. All of the prefabrication processes take place here: precision forging (a new process), laser cutting the blanks, hardening and tempering, grinding and polishing the blades.
These are just a few of the many steps involved in the manufacturing process.
The final production processes, including the important step of assembling the handles, are still carried out at the original factory on Kronprinzenstraße. This is also where the logistics and administration departments are located.

In 2005, having worked for the company for 45 years, Wolfgang took a step back to become a limited partner, leaving Harald as the sole managing partner. Now, at the start of 2014, Wolfgang’s daughter Viola is taking on the same role. Two competent members of the Wüsthof family will now guarantee the continuing success of a long family history.

The Wüsthof Dreizackwerk is now one of world’s leading knife factories, producing nine ranges of forged knives and three ranges of stamped knives. Almost all of the work processes are automated and interlinked. 112 robots are in use, supporting the work of our 300 employees in Solingen. Precision and the highest quality standards are of paramount importance.

We have, for now, come to the end of our 200-year history. You can discover how the story unfolds as it happens by reading this blog!
We are already looking forward to the next 200 years!

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