Mouth-watering films!

Over the years, some classic films have made our mouths water as we watch them.

We have started to put together a list of “mouth-watering” films and we plan to add to the list as time goes by and also add some film reviews. We would be delighted to hear your suggestions for films we haven’t yet listed via the comments function.

• Babette’s Feast
• Mostly Martha
• Like Water for Chocolate
• L’aile ou la cuisse
• Chocolat
• The Secret of the Grain
• Mid-August Lunch
• Romantics Anonymous
• Eat Drink Man Woman
• Eden
• Fried Green Tomatoes
• Waitress
• Julie & Julia
• The Lunchbox
• The Chef
• The Princess and the Frog (animated film)
• Ratatouille (animated film)
• No Reservations
• The Big Restaurant
• Soul Kitchen
• Tampopo
• Toast
• Christmas with the Kranks
• A Touch of Spice

• Kings of Pastry (documentary)
• Entre les Bras (documentary)

In April 2013, German Kitchen Atlas blog together with Jan Theofel (Jans Küchenleben) set up a blog hit parade on the topic of favourite cookery films. Many of the films listed here have already been reviewed for this blog hit parade by other bloggers. The blog hit parade named Julie & Julia, Ratatouille and Mostly Martha as the most popular cookery films. Are these your favourites too and if not, what is your favourite film about cooking or eating?

Photos: Picture detail from Soul Kitchen by Fatih Akin, by permission of Pandora Film GmbH

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