KitchenSurfing with WÜSTHOF

There are times when an idea is practically palpable and is born simultaneously in different heads. This is what happened in 2012. When searching for a name for a new, versatile knife, WÜSTHOF created the KitchenSurfer.
As a symbol for a young, fresh type of cooking: Kitchensurfing! Many young people who are starting to value the good things in life are inspired by cooking together with friends or family. This includes good ingredients as well as a good knife. Tailored to a young target group, the knives under the KitchenSurfer label should support the fun in cooking together. They are ideal starter knives for novice chefs. After all, you can only get enthusiastic about cooking if the knife does what it is supposed to do. Which is to cut really well!

So much about our idea of Kitchensurfing and the KitchenSurfer.

At the same time, the Kitchensurfing business idea of Borahm Cho and Chris Muscarella in New York was born. They too are all about creative cooking, delicious food and sociable gatherings.
Borahm Cho recently summarised this in an interview on gründerszene.de:
“Kitchensurfing is intended to be a platform for those who love good food and who also want to know more about the preparation and ingredients. (…) We want people to go back to sitting down with friends and having a good time”.

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Borahm Cho moved to New York in 2011 and it was here where he met Chris Muscarella. At some point during their talks, they started discussing a main problem of many chefs: The bad pay. For many people who love cooking, this is – apart from the bad working hours – a main reason to look for a different job instead. Both found a solution for this problem with their idea of Kitchensurfing:
Groups can now book a chef on their website (www.kitchensurfing.com), for a private meal, event, company dinner etc. All that is needed is a kitchen with hob. Everything else, including the ingredients, is brought along by the vetted chefs – even a clean-up service can be booked at the same time. Payment is made directly via the website; what the chef wants to earn is determined by him/her. Established in 2012 as a start-up, Kitchensurfing is today already active in Berlin amongst others, and more large German and European cities are to follow in future.

So most readers of our blog will need to wait a little before this vision of Kitchensurfing comes to a city nearby. For this reason, the WÜSTHOF vision of Kitchensurfing provides a welcome opportunity to bridge over the waiting time until then: So be spontaneous, get started and invite friends, delve into your fridge, get out your knives and have fun with cooking!

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