Kitchen Surfer 3.0 – Young knife, trendy website.

Staying true to the motto “Kitchensurfing – Cooking is fun!”, the story of our Young Classic knife continues with the 3.0 update. After all, cooking with friends is simply great fun – and nothing is likely to change about that in a hurry. Quite the opposite in fact: We are now cooking more creative and diverse dishes than ever before and we are always open to new cooking trends. Yet traditional, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine all have one thing in common – there is always some chopping to do. :-)

Kitchensurfing combines the different cooking styles of connoisseurs and young creative spirits. It was precisely this love of experimenting and variety that inspired us to come up with the new Kitchen Surfer – Edition 3. Keeping up with the times, the result is a knife that combines a traditional cook’s knife with an Asian blade shape. The cutting edge is as round as a classic cook’s knife, whilst the blade surface is sharpened to a thin edge in the Asian way, ensuring an extremely sharp cut – day after day. Whether you want to chop or serve vegetables, fruit, meat or fish or finely chop herbs – this flexible knife always does its job perfectly and reliably.

This forged work of art makes time stand still and comes in smart packaging ready to give to someone else or to buy for yourself as a treat. Available to buy at a reasonable price, versatile to use and hard-wearing, our Kitchensurfer is the ultimate gift idea. This knife helps young and experimental cooks find their own style, without having to keep changing knives, and it also makes everyday life easier for professionals. Perfect for people who want to experience the joy of using sharp knives – so that cooking becomes fun!

And that’s exactly what Kitchensurfing is all about: Cooking is fun – uncomplicated, spontaneous and creative cooking using whatever is to be found in the fridge, totally in tune with the times! Who needs recipes when you have the right tool for the job :)

And just so that you don’t need to spend any more time pondering over “What should I use to chop this?”, we have prepared a few updates, explanations and tips for you on our Kitchensurfing website.

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