Where do I keep my knives? Part 3. Solutions for when you’re out and about

Today, we shall be looking at the third part in our little series on “Storage”, devoting ourselves to the question of where professional chefs store their knives.
Many chefs are mobile and often move between different kitchens, which means they need to take their knives with them wherever they go.
So how does that work? Do chefs carry heavy, fully-stocked knife blocks around with them?
That would be quite awkward and surely can’t be the right solution…
No, of course there are other solutions – the perfect helpers in fact when it comes to mobile storage! Staying true to the motto: “Safety first”

Enter the knife roll, cook’s case, cook’s bag and chef’s attaché case.

Knife rolls
Knife rolls are made from soft, washable synthetic material. As the name suggests, you simply unroll them and – according to the size of the bag – store up to 9 knives inside. They can be used to store and transport knives with a blade length of up to 36 cm, depending on the length of the bag.

Cook’s cases
Cook’s cases are larger and more robust than knife rolls and they also feature a handle. Larger models even have a separate carrying strap. They are made from hard-wearing fabric and are tear and wear resistant. Whereas knife rolls can be secured with a Velcro fastening or press studs, cook’s cases have a zip fastening. You can also fit more knives inside – up to 18.

Cook’s bags
Thanks to their compact format, cook’s bags are particularly suitable for small kitchens.
They have a similar design to cook’s cases but they also feature interior sections, allowing you to open them up like a book and store your knives in different compartments. The largest WÜSTHOF cook’s bag is suitable for carrying 20 knives with a blade length of up to 32 cm, as well as additional accessories.

Blade guards
We recommend the use of blade guards to protect knife blades in knife rolls, cook’s cases or cook’s bags, because your knives could move around during transport and rub against each other. Blade guards preserve the blade surface and the thin cutting edge and offer additional protection during transport, as well as more safety when storing knives loose in a drawer.

Chef’s attaché cases
We have two different kinds of chef’s attaché cases in our range: In the first version, the knives are held safely in place by strong magnets. The magnets are so strong that the knives will not slip, thus preventing the blades from damaging one another during transport. In the other type of attaché case, the knives are separated from one another thanks to foam inserts. These inserts feature indentations in the right sizes to fit various types of knife. Here too, the knives will not slip out of place and will remain stored tidily and separately until the next time they are used.

Our tip: When choosing a chef’s attaché case, make sure that it is made from a light yet robust material. The knives themselves are already plenty heavy enough and so the case itself should not weigh you down when you are carrying it.
WÜSTHOF chef’s attaché cases are designed for chefs who travel a lot. They are made from aluminium and are robust and shock-proof.

Of course we also have something in our range for “non-professionals”, who want to be mobile:

Our Traveller Set is the ideal travel companion for every keen cook:
This Survival-Kit makes home cooks happy – even on holiday! Who doesn’t knows this: you are in the nicest appartement, but in the kitchendrawer are only the dullest and cheapest knives waiting for action. And the moment you start cutting with those – is the moment you start getting angry. We now have the ideal solution for all travellers: Three knives from the CLASSIC range safely and tidily packed away in a washable black nylon bag.
Kitchen scissors, a small knife sharpener and a corkscrew round off the set of kitchen must-haves.

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