Where do I keep my knives? Part 2. Magnetic holders and drawer organizers

Today, we shall be looking at the second part in our little series on “Storage” and introducing you to two other options for the safe storage of your high-quality knives.

A magnetic holder adorned with high-quality knives will look great in your kitchen!
The magnetic holder not only looks smart, it also works well too. Your favourite knives will be to hand and ready to use at any time. Our magnetic holders are available in various lengths and designs (wood, plastic or aluminium). A 40 cm long holder provides enough space for seven to eight knives.
All of our magnetic holders are extremely easy to mount on the wall and provide consistently safe storage for your favourite knives.
It’s up to you how you “dock” your knives on the holder. We recommend that you attach the knives with the cutting edge at the top as this makes it easy and handy to remove them from the magnetic holder for use. Of course when it comes to safety, it is also important where and how high you attach your magnetic holder – but that is down to your own common sense ;-)

And here is another tip from us: When buying a magnetic holder, always ensure that the magnets are strong enough for your knives. It is generally known that a forged knife weighs more than a laser cut knife. So it’s best if you test the magnetic holder at the shop or use the appropriate online reviews to inform yourself as to whether the magnetic holder will actually hold what it says it will. Our holders are of course strong enough to hold all the knives in our range securely.

The drawer organizer offers a safe and practical way to store your knives
A drawer organizer is extremely practical – it is designed for people who don’t have the space in their kitchen or on their worktop for a knife block or holder. It is also suitable for people who want to store their knives particularly safely. The organizer will keep your knives tidy – no more knives getting jumbled up and no more risk of injury. This is because the drawer organizer will provide a safe hold for each individual knife and keep them separate and well-arranged. Even if you reach into the drawer to take out a knife in a hurry, there is no risk whatsoever of cutting yourself on a blade that is lying around. Everything has to be in its rightful place! ;-)

Our tip: When buying a magnetic holder or drawer organizer, you can also plan for the future. Those who buy a longer holder or a double organizer will always have enough space to store their future favourite knives safely.

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