Where do I keep my knives? Part 1. Knife blocks

Last week, we had already mentioned it in our article about proper knife care: Proper storage is an important aspect if you want to keep your knives in top condition for as long as possible.

Over a period of time, this series of articles will present to you the various ways of storage. There are three main categories:

Part 1. Knife blocks
Part 2. Magnetic holders and drawer organizers
Part 3. Knife rolls and chef’s attaché cases

Today, we’ll start with one of the best ways of safely storing high-quality knives:
The knife block

A knife block can store a selection of the most frequently used knives in a small space, directly in the kitchen work area: Your knives are thus always close at hand and optimally protected at the same time.

The area of the block holding the blade should be of wood since that soft material will not scratch the blades or make them blunt.
Accordingly, traditional knife blocks are made of a piece of wood with slots of various widths, which are cut at an angle into the wood for the differently sized knife blades. Important: Slots should be arranged horizontally and not vertically. Blocks with vertical slots where knives rest on their sharpened blades are unsuitable because a blade’s very fine cutting edge might be damaged (facet of the blade). In contrast, knives will rest securely in horizontally arranged slots where their blade sides are placed on the wood.

In recent years, brush insert knife blocks with fine synthetic bristles have become popular and can variably accommodate different knives. Knife blocks with integrated magnets are also well suited for storage. The following provides you with a short overview of our broad range of knife blocks – from classical to modern!

As you can see, WÜSTHOF offers blocks of various types of wood in a variety of designs – even one block with a concrete casing for aficionados of the modern loft look. Here as well, the knife blade storage area is made of wood of course!
All our knife blocks are designed such that knives can be optimally removed and their blades protected in the best possible way.

At a glance, you will be able to see that our broad product range includes knife blocks of all different sizes and variants.

Our tip: When you buy a knife block, plan for the future! If you buy a larger knife block now, which is not fully stocked in the beginning, you will be able to just add to it any knives purchased later on.
Have fun browsing! :-)

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