„The Edge“ – Meet the Poet: Camas Davis

Since a few months we present to you the cooks of the american “WÜSTHOF defining the Edge” campaign. Each of them will get its own article. Today we show you the video about Camas Davis.

In the context of our campaign Camas Davis is an exception, because she – is no cook!
Bevore she found her dedication in butchery she worked as an on-staff magazine writer and editor in New York City and Portland, Oregon for over a decade. Magazines she worked for included Saveur, National Geographic Adventure, and Portland Monthly magazine. During this time she traveled extensively and began to get an inkling for all the ways in which meat can be prepared and preserved – ways that she had never witnessed in America. Becoming more and more interested she decided to go study butchery in France so that she could learn from a culture that still values using the whole animals, that still upholds notions of preservation and curing, and that sees butchery and the production of animals for food as something that should be done with respect, grace, and love. – The very opposite of factory farming in America.

In 2009, she founded the Portland Meat Collective, bringing together a network of local consumers looking for a cost-effective way to buy meat directly from Oregon’s small ranchers and farmers, and then teaching these locavores how to butcher at home. As a woman in a traditionally male dominated profession Camas is challenging expectations, breaking stereotypes and bringing intellectual depth to the art of butchery.

Her advice for aspiring butchers:
“Ask questions, dig deep, find all those old-school butchers who are about to retire and convince them you want to learn. Read books, take chances, volunteer, intern, try and fail and try again. Carve out a space for learning for yourself, because there aren’t many opportunities for learning already laid out for you when it comes to butchery. Or come to me, and I’ll point you in the right direction.”

More about Camas, some of her recipes and tips, her blade of choise (a Classic 6″ Flexible Boning Knife) and her reading recommendations on www.wusthofedge.com

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In the next article dedicated to “The Edge” you will meet “The Spark”, Amanda Cohen.

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