„The Edge“ – Meet the Outlaw, Katherine Clapner

Over the past few months, we have devoted an article to each of the chefs in the American “WÜSTHOF defining the Edge” campaign. Today, we shall be introducing you to pastry chef Katherine Clapner.

“There’s only a fine line between creativity and madness” – Katherine Clapner’s chocolate creations are the best prove for this statement. After working in kitchens around the world, all roads led this classically-trained pastry chef back home to Texas. In 2009 she opened her first chocolate shop “DUDE, SWEET CHOCOLATE“ in Dallas. Two more shops followed within the next few years. It’s here that her twisted genius takes flight and where the only rules that apply are nobody’s rules but her own.
Her inspiration has come from her friends, places she has visited, folk art, music and movies. The names of her chocolates are a play on what’s inside and are often named after some of her friends, Monty Python skits and anything that pokes fun of pop culture. Because of that her shop offers „C3PO Marshmallows“, „Hanoi Fudge“ and „Flower Child Truffle“ – to name only a few of her creations.

Her advice for aspiring chefs:
“Work everywhere you possibly can, and work as hard as you can because it only gets harder once it’s yours. Learn by listening. If you want to really cook and excel, you have to learn to ‘eat a lot of crow’ and do it for the love, not the money, as that is reserved for a select.”

You can find out more about Katherine, a couple of her recipes and tips, her favourite knife (the Classic 4193 17 cm Nakiri) and her photo essay about her once-in-a-lifetime trip through Asia on her page at DEFINING THE EDGË

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Now you can look forward to getting to know “The Natural”, Sam Gorenstein, in our next article!

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