„The Edge“ – Meet the Maestro: Marc Vetri

Over the past few months, we have devoted an article to each of the chefs in the American “WÜSTHOF defining the Edge” campaign. Today, we shall be introducing you to Marc Vetri.

With five accomplished restaurants, two cookbooks and a growing charitable foundation that bears his name, Marc dedicates his time and talents to nourishing the appetites of diners and the intellectual development of Philadelphia youth. In addition to bringing gourmet, sit-down lunches to city schools, The Vetri Foundation’s mission is to help children understand the connection between healthy eating and healthy living.
“Once everybody reaches a certain level in their work, I think that it’s their responsibility to give back. It’s our duty as human beings.”

His source of inspiration:
“If you start with a great ingredient, half of the cooking is already done. It’s collaborative. All of us cooks talk. Someone has an idea, someone adds to it, and before you know it forms into a dish. From there, it’s just trial and error. It’s all about research.”

You can find out more about Marc, a couple of his recipes and tips, his favourite knife (the Classic 4622 18 cm fillet knife) and the one cookbook he recommends for italian cuisine at www.wusthofedge.com

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Now you can look forward to getting to know “The Outlaw”, Katherine Clapner, in our next article!

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