„The Edge“ – Meet the Believer: Jonathon Sawyer

In the upcoming months we will present to you the cooks of the american “WÜSTHOF defining the Edge” campaign. Each of them will get its own article.
Today we show you the video about Jonathon Sawyer.

“Change begins at home.” That’s the motto of Jonathon Sawyer. Together with his wife Amelia he runs “The Greenhouse Tavern” and the “Noodlecat” in his hometown Cleveland. “The Greenhouse Tavern” is the first certified green restaurant in the state of Ohio. The “Noodlecat” is based on a sustainable business model, too.

The couple lives and works with a clear philosophy: “Our job as parents, restaurateurs, and human beings is to educate and encourage each other to make healthy and smart decisions.” A healthy diet – with regional ingredients, home grown, bought at the local Farmers Market or collected in the forest – plays an important role in this way of living.

Driven by his commitment to sustainability and his boundless creativity both in and outside the kitchen, Chef Sawyer as a human being and as a cook is a perfect example for someone “defining the Edge”.

His advice for aspiring chefs:
“Read all the time, everything you can get your hands on. Go in and volunteer at the best restaurant in your city. Work as hard as you can every day and you’ll figure out what you really want to do.”

You can read more about Jonathon, some of his recipes and his tips about preparing the perfect burger or the perfect steak, his blade of choise (a Classic Ikon 10″ Cook’s Knife) and his cookbook recommendations on www.wusthofedge.com

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In the next article dedicated to “The Edge” you will meet “The Poet”, Camas Davis.

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