Cookery programs worldwide

The number of cookery programs has not only dramatically risen in the USA in the last few years. Cooking together and against each other in front of the camera is very popular in other countries too, and knives from WÜSTHOF often play an important part in this.

For example, in America, our products can be seen in a large number of cooking shows, presented by various TV stations. These are the following stations amongst others: Food Network, The Cooking Channel, Public Broadcasting Services (PBS), Arts and Entertainment (A&E), Veria Living TV, Live Well and more.

In German television in “Grill den Henssler” on VOX, our xline series is being used.
Here, three celebrity hobby chefs compete against the “king of chefs” Steffen Henssler with their three favourite recipes. At the end of each duel, the jury, consisting of the presenter and professional baker Enie van de Meiklokjes, hotel and restaurant critic Heinz Horrmann as well as ex-football manager and gourmand Reiner Calmund, decides who gets the most scores. The prize money awarded is donated to charity at the end of each program.

For the German version of “Hell’s Kitchen” on SAT1, the extra large cooking knife was created in our factory as unique copy for the winner of the final. Here, 11 more or less famous candidates cook together every day for 8 days in a perfectly equipped professional kitchen under the leadership of head chef Frank Rosin, serving a five-course menu for 60 guests. Frank Rosin alone decides who lives up to his standards and who has failed and must leave the kitchen. “Hell’s Kitchen” is an international format with versions in several countries, originally having been developed in New Zealand. The shows differ significantly, in some celebrities compete against each other, but not so in others, some programs are broadcast live, while others are recorded. The most well-known and most successful version of Hell’s Kitchen hosted by Gordon Ramsay is now in its 12th season and is broadcast on FOX in several countries.

In the Australian cookery show “My Kitchen Rules”, knives from our Classic Ikon series are being used.
The participating teams must cook in their own homes during the preselection process and then impress the two Australian star chefs Manu Feildel and Pete Evans with their five-course menus during the final shows. Feildel and Evans, the two presenters of the show, are as well known in Australia as Gordon Ramsay in this country. This year the winning team, Bree and Jessica, two mothers from Adelaide in South Australia, were delighted to receive the prize money of 250,000 Australian Dollars (around £137,000). The final of “MKR”, which the Channel Seven show, now in its fifth series, is often called, was watched by 4.1 million Australian viewers nationwide.

In Canada, the “Steven and Chris” show is broadcast on weekday afternoons on CBC at 2.00 pm.
This lifestyle show with Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman presents diverse topics around the fields of furnishings, health, fashion and cooking. Knives from our Classic Ikon series are used for the daily cooking tip in the studio kitchen.

In the recently started UK television show “Weekend Kitchen” on Channel 4, well known British star chefs are invited to the studio kitchen by the presenters Lisa Snowdon and Steve Jones on Saturday mornings to cook for a few celebrity guests. Here our fully equipped 12-part WÜSTHOF Classic knife block is being used.

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