How can I keep my WÜSTHOF knives sharp for ever?

“How can I keep my WÜSTHOF knives sharp for ever? And what is actually the right way to sharpen my knives?”

Not surprisingly, we get asked these questions a lot. It is natural that knives should lose their original sharpness over time and with normal use, and need to be sharpened again.
We are therefore not surprised that our YouTube video „Sharpening with a sharpening steel“ is our most frequently viewed video. So what could be more fitting than to dedicate a blog article to looking at this subject in more detail?

Good knives are an investment for life – and they should therefore be handled with care. High-quality knives will keep their sharpness for a lifetime, but in return they need to be looked after appropriately.

However, before you start looking for a professional sharpening service – the moment your knives lose even a shade of their original sharpness – there are any number of steps that you yourself can take to sharpen up your knives again.

Here’s how you can ensure that your WÜSTHOF knives are always in the best possible condition:

Daily knife care
Whenever you pick up your knives to use them, you should always have part of your attention on how to handle them so they don’t lose their edge. If you handle your knives sensibly, your knife blades will maintain their sharpness for the longest possible time. In the comments on our Facebook page, there are always people enthusiastically talking about knives that they bought 20 or more years ago and are still using today!
This daily care includes cleaning the blade by hand, as high-quality knives do not belong in the dishwasher. You can find more care tips here, and discover why WÜSTHOF knives should not be washed in the dishwasher.

The right chopping board
The first thing you can do to avoid your knives quickly becoming blunt is to make sure you have the right kind of chopping board. Best of all are wooden chopping boards or plastic ones. Stone, glass or bamboo chopping boards are not suitable.

Regular sharpening
WÜSTHOF offers a wide range of honing and sharpening products. Specially designed for home use, they are easy to use and do exactly what they are supposed to. If the blade has lost a little of its sharpness, you should use a honing steel. (The diagram in the header illustrates two simple techniques for using the honing steel correctly.)
If the blade is already blunt, you can restore your knife’s original sharpness with a sharpener. Unlike the honing steel, this removes material from the blade to make your knife sharp again.
Here is an overview of our complete range of honing and sharpening products.
And you can find even more tips about how to use these products properly here.

A visit to the specialist
If, one day in the distant future, your WÜSTHOF knife does actually require professional sharpening, it is best to go to one of our specialist retailers in your region. You can find these with the retailer and sharpening service search of our website..

The right storage
This is another important point. It is so important, in our view, that next week we shall be starting a short series of articles about storage. Over the next few months, we shall give you some details on the various ways to best store your knives.

We’ll finish today with another chance to see our “sharpening knives with a steel” video, with Matthias Kleber, captain of the German National Team of Chefs.

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