Barbecue with WÜSTHOF

The barbecue season is starting! Although many will now be objecting: But barbecues are always in season! Which is true. This is why, dear barbecue fans – get started with your barbecues!
Incidentally, starting this year, we are offering you an all-round carefree package with our new BBQ set.

Packed in a hard-wearing nylon bag with Velcro fastener you will find everything you need for a perfect barbecue: Tongs, fork, spatula and brush – with these high-quality all-metal utensils, every barbecue becomes an experience.

The tongs are ideal for positioning, turning and serving meat, fish and firm vegetables. They have easily adjustable spacing and ensure safe and easy handling when barbecuing.

The fork can be used to place the food skilfully and safely on the barbecue grill. The long, spiked tines provide a firm grip even for larger pieces of meat, for example chicken legs.

The rounded spatula comes into play to safely turn burgers, steaks & co. and to serve them effortlessly.

The tongs, fork and spatula can be hanged conveniently on the barbecue using the rounded hook on the shaft/handle so that they are always ready to hand.

And when it comes to cleaning and putting things away, the barbecue brush comes into its own – it swiftly has the grill rack sparkling clean in no time. The short brass bristles remove even stubborn dirt and reach every corner of the grill rack.

Once the work is completed and the four tools have been cleaned, they can be securely and neatly stored again in the black nylon bag.

More WÜSTHOF products for barbecue fans can be found by clicking on the word “barbecue season” in the menue on our website.

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