Are you using the right knife? – Part 6.

Large vegetables

Now we come to the second chapter on the topic of vegetables.
Having looked at small vegetables last time, we shall now introduce you to our specialist knives for large vegetables:

Fluting knife
This little knife is the kitchen knife par excellence. The short blade ensures a great deal of control, making it perfect for cutting and trimming the outer florets of broccoli or cauliflower, for example.
Fluting knife

Super Slicer, 26 cm
The Super Slicer is ideal for cutting any kind of large vegetable. Whether you want to chop large lettuces, cabbages, aubergines or artichokes, the convex serrated edge shaped with the curve on the outside means this knife can cut evenly through hard skin as well as through the soft flesh. The convex serrated edge ensures a clean cut without any ripping.
Super Slicer

Super Glider Cook’s knife 4563/20 cm
The Super Glider features eight holes and a special scraper rail to prevent anything from sticking to the knife. So every little piece and slice comes away easily from the blade. Tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and courgettes are just a few examples we can name.
Super Glider

Cook’s knife
Our all-rounder when it comes to vegetable preparation. The wide, curved blade is ideal for chopping using the rocking technique.
This type of knife makes it easy to produce julienne strips, bâtonnets or a fine dice. As the cook’s knife is the most important knife to have in the kitchen, we have devoted an entire page to it under the “Knowledge” section of our website.

Cutting courgette slices using the Santoku – an ideal combination, since the hollow edge ensures that the thinly cut soft slices do not stick to the blade. A Santoku can also be used for peeling or dicing turnips, swede or celeriac.

Chai Dao
For many Asian dishes, all the ingredients typically need to be cut into equal bite-sized chunks. The tall and wide blade of the Chai Dao is perfect for cutting precise slices and an even dice, of celery or fennel for example. The slightly curved cutting edge makes it beautifully easy to finely chop onions, garlic and condiments. The chopped food can then be transferred straight into the frying pan or saucepan using the large surface of the blade. The wide and sharp edge makes cutting feel safer and ensures a clean cut.
Chai Dao

Kitchen Surfer 3
The combination of traditional cook’s knife shape and Japanese Santoku blade makes our Kitchen Surfer – Edition 3 an extremely versatile knife. The cutting edge is as round as a classic cook’s knife, whilst the blade surface is sharpened to a thin edge in the Asian way, ensuring an extremely sharp cut. From preparing Red Kuri squash to cutting up broccoli stalks and chopping ginger – you will always enjoy using the Kitchen Surfer.
Kitchen Surfer 3

That’s it for now on the topic of vegetables. Our series of articles will continue with the following topics:

Meat and poultry on the bone

Crusts and firm foods

Different types of bread

Filleting meat and poultry, and preparing fruit
Hard and soft cheeses

Sticky, gooey foods

Exotic knives for special applications

Here you can find all the previous articles in this series:
Small cutting tasks: paring, cleaning, trimming
Large cuts: carving, portioning
Fish: chopping, filleting
Herbs: cutting, dicing, chopping
Small vegetables

Please feel free to send in your questions and suggestions for other topics!
After all, you have to ask a question to be sure to get the answer you need.

So, with this in mind, happy cutting and cooking!

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